Koala Puffs x Cookies Brentwood x 420 Ambassador Campaign

Total IG Plays: 123,583 | Likes: 6,339 | Comments: 133 | Shares: 256 | Saves: 307

IG Followers: 694k | Link To Collaborative Instagram Post

Anjela aka Koala Puffs @koala.puffss is a popular social media cannabis influencer on YouTube and Instagram based in Los Angeles. We chose her for this Cookies Brentwood campaign because of her locality to the store. She also has a prominent following within the city of LA. We knew her audience would engage with the content and the numbers clearly show. From this campaign alone, which was posted on Instagram and YouTube, we were able to generate traceable traffic to the dispensary.

We chose to implement a collaborative post between Anjela’s (@koala.puffss) Instagram page and the main Cookies Retail account (@cookiesretail) to maximize visibility. By positioning the content in this format, we were able to put the most eyes on it and treat it like a true celebrity appearance. The main Cookies Retail account also has a substantial following that’s based in the Los Angeles area. By utilizing both accounts for posting and sharing, we gave this content the best possible life it could have. And on top of that, positioned it in front of the most relevant geo-local audiences.

How To Roll A Blunt

Anjela has an undeniable energy that’s bubbly and fun, yet focused. She’s able to pull up to any shoot and maintain her comedic power. No matter how many blunts she faces or dabs she takes. There’s something to be said about content creators that can actually SMOKE.

Koala Puffs has that in spades, and she’s easy to work with. She’s the kind of person that could pull a joke out of any situation and get the room lit up.

Rental Car Hotbox

Anjela aka Koala Puffs has worked with essentially every big brand in cannabis. Some of these include RAW rolling papers, GPEN, Bear Quartz, Cookies, and more.

420 Ambassador is honored to have Koala Puffs in our network. She is available for custom packages, campaigns, events, collaborations, activations, and shoots. Anjela is the perfect addition to any product/brand push or launch if you’re looking for a longstanding influencer with an audience nearing 1 million real cannabis consumers.