Strain: Giraffe Puzzy

By: Doja Exclusive x Seed Junky Genetics

Cultivator: Farmacopia

Parents: Z x Animal Cookies BX2

THC: 29% | CBD: 0%

THCA: 31.94%

Push Pop x Permanent Marker, Giraffe Puzzy, & Permanent Marker Review


Sour grapefruit with peppery overtones and powerfully fruity, floral, and sugary undertones. There’s something haunting about the doughy and sweet smell of this strain once you crack open a nug. But it’s not the gelato nuttiness we’re used to in Cali these days, it’s more of the classic GSC funk with a new-school fruity sweetness injected into it.

Nug: Conal, similar to the structure of Z, with lime green coloration on the buds. The pistils have a dull orange color to them and stick tightly to each nug. The nugs are tightly packed in general, but still have a nice lightness to them in your hand. Easy to break down, there is palpable stickiness from each bud due to the density of the yellowed trichomes. Phenomenal cure as always from the Doja crew, with mostly medium-sized nugs in the mylar.


Giraffe Puzzy has a crazy diverse flavor profile. It starts out super sour and funky, but then it very quickly brings in a tantalizing sweetness that reminds you of Z with hints of cookies and earthy dough. The Animal Cookies backcross expresses itself on the top end and the very bottom end of the taste of this saccharine hitter.


One hit of this strain might immediately turn your frown upside down. Potent in both its terps and cannabinoid count, Giraffe Puzzy is the perfect strain for daily smokers looking for something sweet that might take the edge off. We found ourselves sitting on cloud 9 in a nearly comatose state after a few rips on a joint. At first, it gave us tantalizing mental alertness that then rapidly deteriorated into a stoney daze.


Giraffe Puzzy might be the perfect way to take the edge off at any point of the day for a medical user. Its potentially hazy and euphoric vibes might be the ideal medicine to combat ongoing stress, depression, or even physical pain. We took one hit and felt physical tension wash away.


When you first hear this strain’s name and see the bag, it’s pretty attention-grabbing, and rightfully so as soon as you tear open the bag. Living up to the loud nature of its namesake, these terps immediately widened the eyes. Not because of the raucous stench, but because of the near-gourmet fruity and sour terps present and how smoothly they come across.

As soon as we got our hands on some of the nugs it was love at first sight. Jamming one straight into the nose gave us a delectable whiff of peppery papaya and a hint of those super sweet Z terps. Cracking it open was like pouring a glass of fresh grapefruit juice and dousing it in dirt and pepper.

For fans of Z terps, you won’t be disappointed here. And for those that enjoy classically fruity, floral, and GSC-related funky flavors, this strain does a phenomenal job at reintroducing those same hallmarks with a new-school twist. The high is undeniably blissful and is easily something that we could find ourselves rolling up multiple times throughout the day, supplies permitting. This is that instant stress reliever that sets you straight up on the clouds to watch your troubles pass by.

The nugs were easy to break down by hand and roll up into a blunt and a joint, we did both. To call the high potent is an understatement. A business conversation between two grown-ass men quickly devolved into postulations and musings. You can’t help but feel optimistic when you smoke on this strain, almost like you’re floating.

From the name to the bag, to the collab, to the NUGS, Doja knocked it out of the park with this one. They took a hilarious name and put some serious FIRE behind it to back it up. Not a lot of people these days can deliver on both and maintain the connoisseur’s respect. We will gladly be coming back to buy more bags of this sweet-and-sour hitter throughout the year. We copped this 8th from Cookies in Brentwood.